IPSFC Publications

The International Pacific Salmon Fisheries Commission was formed in 1937 when the governments of Canada and the United States ratified a Convention for the protection, preservation and extension of the sockeye salmon fishery of the Fraser River. Twenty years later, a protocol governing pink salmon was added. The IPSFC was dissolved on December 31, 1985 following the signing of the Pacific Salmon Treaty.

At that time, responsibility for maintenance of the library of the International Pacific Salmon Fisheries Commission was transferred to the Pacific Salmon Commission. Documents in the library include the published reports listed below as well as historical archival papers, which are available to researchers and other interested parties by contacting the Pacific Salmon Commission's librarian at library@psc.org.

Hardcopy versions of selected IPSFC publications are available upon request by contacting the PSC Librarian at library@psc.org.

Restoring Fraser River Salmon: The History of the International Pacific Salmon Fisheries Commission, 1937-1985 by John F. Roos is available for purchase from the Pacific Salmon Commission. For information, contact the PSC Secretariat office at info@psc.org.