A key administrative responsibility of the Pacific Salmon Commission’s Secretariat is to prepare and transmit Commission reports, communications and correspondence. Equally important is the task of maintaining records of all official documents, files and publications.

To this end the Commission retains the services of a permanent, full-time Librarian, Archivist, and Records Manager to maintain the Commission’s records and where appropriate make available all the various publications associated with Commission business.

The Commission also operates a full research library at its Vancouver office, where an extensive archival collection is held dating back to the early 20th century. Responsibility for the library and its conservation was transferred to the Pacific Salmon Commission on December 31, 1985 on the termination the PSC’s predecessor, the International Pacific Salmon Fisheries Commission. Documents in the library include published reports as well as historical papers, maps and photographs which are available to researchers and other interested parties by contacting the Pacific Salmon Commission's librarian at

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What's New?

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Pacific Salmon Treaty

The latest bilateral agreement will be in force from the beginning of 2019 through to the end of 2028.

PSC Bylaws

The Pacific Salmon Commission Bylaws consist of rules and regulations for the internal organization and operation of the Commission and its subsidiary bodies.

Annual Reports

Annual Reports of the Pacific Salmon Commission; and, the Annual Reports of the Fraser River Panel; and the Annual Reports of the Northern and Southern Fund Committees

Technical Reports

The technical reports issued by the PSC’s eleven Joint Technical Committees. A PSC Technical Report Series Selected publications written or co-written PSC staff.

Fraser River Panel In-Season Information

The latest Fraser River Panel news releases, regulatory announcements, test fishing results, and reports on catch and escapement status may be found here.

About the Test Fisheries

The Pacific Salmon Commission operates various test fisheries both in Canada and the U.S. to provide information for the assessment and management of Fraser River sockeye and pink salmon. Information about the Test Fisheries can be found here.

Fund Project Final Reports

Reports summarizing work funded by the Northern and Southern Endowment Funds are available here.

Fund Project Location Maps

Locations of projects that the Pacific Salmon Commission’s Northern and Southern Endowment Funds support annually.

Staff Publications

A list of reports and articles, written or co-written by Commission staff members, originally appeared in journals, proceedings or report series not produced by the Pacific Salmon Commission.

IPSFC Publications

Responsibility for the distribution of reports generated by the IPSFC was transferred to the PSC on December 31, 1985 when the IPSFC was dissolved following the signing of the Pacific Salmon Treaty.

Workshops and Special Reports

The Pacific Salmon Commission supports occasional technical reviews and workshops on topics relevant to the implementation of the Pacific Salmon Treaty. Special reports, workshop findings, and abstracts can be found here.