Fraser Panel In-Season Information

The Fraser River Panel has special responsibility for in-season regulation of Fraser River-origin sockeye and pink salmon fisheries in southern British Columbia and northern Puget Sound. In-season meetings of the Fraser River Panel typically occur every Tuesday and Friday each week during the period of active fishery management, and occasionally on other days as needed. Following these meetings, the Fraser River Panel and Commission Secretariat staff issue regular news announcements and information updates throughout the fishing season.

Fraser River Panel Regulatory Announcements

The latest fishery regulations for fishing areas under Fraser River Panel control are issued periodically by the Panel...

Fraser River Panel Weekly Reports

During the Fraser River commercial salmon fishing season the Fraser River Panel issues weekly reports.

Fraser River Panel Information Package

During the Fraser River Panel in-season period, meeting information packages are presented to the Fraser Panel which summarize the most recent information obtained from the various assessment programs.

Test Fishing Results

The Commission’s Secretariat staff manage a number of in-season test fishing programs in Fraser River Panel waters and coordinate with Fisheries and Oceans Canada on other test fisheries in the marine off northern Vancouver Island.

Sockeye and Pink Salmon In-Season Status Reports

A Fraser River Sockeye and Pink salmon status report is updated after each in-season meeting of the Fraser River Panel...

Fish Passage Past the PSC Hydroacoustic Counting Station Near Mission, BC

The Pacific Salmon Commission provides regular in-season migration estimates of Fraser River sockeye and pink salmon passage...