Endowment Funds

The Pacific Salmon Commission oversees two Endowment Funds established in 1999 to support projects in Canada and the United States that develop improved information for resource management; rehabilitate and restore marine and freshwater salmon habitats; and, enhance wild stock production through low technology techniques.

About the Funds

More about the origin and purpose, fund committees, investment policy, and fund activities to date.

Calls for Proposals

Every year the Northern and Southern Funds issue their Calls for Proposals for projects beginning the following year in late May or early June.

Current Year Funded Projects

View the list of approved projects that the Northern and Southern Endowment Funds have selected for funding.

Fund Project Location Map

Use the maps to find the locations of Northern and Southern Endowment Fund projects supported in your region, arranged by year.

Final Reports in Publications

Reports summarizing work funded by the Northern and Southern Boundary Restoration and Enhancement Funds.