Commission Meetings

The Pacific Salmon Commission holds three regularly scheduled bilateral meetings each year. These meetings take place in January, February and October. As of October 2012, summaries of decisions and recommendations adopted by the Commission during these meetings, as well as related documents, are made available here on the PSC website.

Commissioner's Meeting Schedule

  • 2024 Fall Meeting (Vancouver, BC) on October 7, 2024
  • 2025 Post-Season Meeting (Vancouver, BC) on January 13, 2025
  • 40th Annual Meeting (U.S. Location TBD) on February 10, 2025
  • 2025 Fall Meeting (U.S. Location TBD) on October 20, 2025
  • 2026 Post Season Meeting (U.S. Location TBD) on January 12, 2026
  • 41st Annual Meeting (Vancouver, BC) on February 9, 2026
  • 2026 Fall Meeting (Vancouver, BC) on October 19, 2026

Current Meeting Information

If you’re looking for information about the current PSC meeting, visit the Member’s Portal.

Meeting Summaries and Related Documents

Find summaries and documents from Commission meetings at the link below.

Public Participation

Members of the public may observe PSC meetings, with the exception of certain committees and working groups.  Members of the public will be permitted to address Panels and the Commission upon approval of the Chair and Vice-Chair during their respective open sessions.  

If you are interested in joining a particular meeting online or in person, contact the Secretariat at for details.