The Secretariat Staff

The Commission receives administrative support from its secretariat staff, headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia.
Examples of the administrative support provided by secretariat staff include:

  • Assisting Commissioners and Panels in the conduct of their duties;
  • Facilitating the implementation of Commission decisions and recommendations;
  • Preparing and transmitting reports, communications and correspondence;
  • Making necessary arrangements for all meetings held by the Commission and its subsidiary bodies;
  • Receiving and disbursing funds in accordance with financial regulations;
  • Operation of the PSC library;
  • Coordination of the activities of the Northern and Southern Restoration and Enhancement funds ("Northern Fund" and "Southern Fund").

Secretariat staff members also provide technical information and advice concerning Fraser River sockeye and pink salmon harvest. The staff is actively involved in the day-to-day regulation of sockeye and pink fisheries throughout the Fraser River Panel area of Jurisdiction.