Fraser River Technical Committee

The Joint Fraser Technical Committee reports to the Fraser River Panel.

The Committee is responsible for:

  • Coordinating the technical aspects of Fraser River Panel activities with and between the Commission staff and the National Sections of the Fraser River Panel, and reporting, unless otherwise agreed, to their respective National Sections of the Panel.
  • Analyzing proposed management regimes, providing technical assistance in the development of proposals for management plans, explaining technical reports, and providing information and technical advice to their respective National Sections of the Panel.
  • Working with the Commission staff during pre-season development of the fishery regime and management plan, during in-season consideration of regulatory options for the sockeye and pink salmon fisheries of Fraser Panel Area waters, and during post-season evaluations to ensure that:
  • Domestic allocation objectives of both Parties are given full consideration;
  • That conservation requirements and management objectives of the Parties for species and stocks other than Fraser River sockeye and pink salmon in the Fraser Panel Area during periods of Panel regulatory control are given full consideration; and
  • That the Commission staff is informed in a timely manner of management actions being taken by the Parties in fisheries outside of the Fraser Panel Area that may harvest sockeye and pink salmon of Fraser River origin.
Canadian U.S.

Mr. Scott Decker (Co-Chair)
Ms. Kelsey Campbell
Mr. Colin Schwindt
Mr. Mike Staley
Ms. Maxime Veilleux

Mr. Gordon Rose (Co-Chair)
Mr. Matt Bogaard
Ms. Amy Seiders
Mr. Anthony “Tony” Siniscal

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Fraser River Technical Committee Reports