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Migration Timing of Juvenile Fraser River Sockeye in Johnstone Strait

In 2014, Fisheries and Oceans Canada proposed a 3-year program to evaluate the effect of smolt size and age on the migration timing of Fraser River Sockeye Salmon out of the Strait of Georgia by conducting a weekly sampling program in southern Johnstone Strait with a purse seine. We proposed to use DNA analyses to infer stock-specific migration timing through this area and, combined with the sampling in the Lower Fraser River (Evaluation of abundance and stock composition of downstream migrating juvenile Sockeye Salmon in the lower Fraser River), provide accurate estimates of residence time within the Strait of Georgia at the Conservation Unit (CU) level. In addition, by examining changes in the relative abundance of different CUs between the lower Fraser River and Johnstone Strait, this study was expected to determine whether mortality rates differ among CUs within the Strait of Georgia. In addition, we proposed to assess the feasibility of using hydroacoustics as a tool to monitor how the abundance of juvenile Salmon changes over time in this area.