PSC Seminar Series

The Southern Panel and Coho Technical Committee have launched a virtual seminar series available to the entire PSC family. Arising from the May 11, 2021, workshop on environmental indicators and salmon management, the series will provide the latest information on environmental variation, its effects on salmon across their life cycle, and approaches to address this variability in salmon management from both western and indigenous perspectives.

This monthly seminar series will feature noted speakers from the United States and Canada to discuss diverse aspects of environmental variation and their impacts to salmon and management. Following each presentation will be an extended Q & A session to allow in-depth discussion of the topic.

Seminar 1: The new normal? Heat waves and ocean blobs, what’s next?

January 10, 2022. Featuring Nick Bond (State Climatologist for Washington) and Faron Anslow (Climatologist at University of Victoria)

Seminar 2: New salmon habitat: from glacial retreat to spawning in the Arctic

April 20, 2022. Featuring Dr. Jonathan Moore (Salmon Watersheds Lab, SFU) and Dr. Karen Dunmall (Arctic Biologist, DFO) with special guests Jody Illasiak and Michelle Gruben

Seminar 3: Indigenous Knowledge Systems in Salmon Management

May 25, 2022. Featuring Dr. Teresa Ryan (Faculty of Forestry, UBC; The Mother Tree Project) and Eric Quaempts (Director, CTUIR Department of Natural Resources)

Seminar 4: Management Strategy Evaluation of Pacific Salmon

June 15, 2022. Featuring Dr. Curry Cunningham (Assistant Professor, College of Fisheries and Oceans, UAF) and Gottfried Pestal (SOLV Consulting Ltd.)

Seminar 5: Update on International Year of The Salmon 2022 High Seas Survey

July 20, 2022. Featuring Brian Riddell (Pacific Salmon Foundation) and Laurie Weitkamp (NOAA) with special guests Richard Beamish (Scientist Emeritus) and Chrys Neville (DFO)

Seminar 6: Freshwater Productivity in the Face of Climate Change

Sept 21, 2022. Featuring Dr. Chris Jordan (NOAA) and Dr. Dan Selbie (DFO)

Seminar 7: Effects of Climate on Marine Salmon Productivity

October 26, 2022. Featuring Dr. Brendan Connors (DFO) and Dr. Jan Ohlberger (WDFW)

Seminar 8: Environmental Variability and Hatchery Effectiveness

November 30, 2022. Featuring Dr. Brian Riddell (PSF) and Dr. Brian Beckman (NOAA Fisheries)

Seminar 9: Salish Sea Salmon: Resilience in a Changing Climate

January 10, 2023. Featuring Kadi Bizyayeva (Stillaguamish Tribe), Dr. Jacques White (Long Live the Kings), and Dr. Isobel Pearsall (PSF)

Seminar 10: Assessment and Management Frameworks of the Pacific Salmon Treaty...

February 14th, 2023. Featuring Brendan Connors (DFO) and Scott McPherson

Seminar 11: Supporting Salmon Recovery Through Strategic Initiatives

March 29, 2023. Featuring Shane Petersen (BCSRIF) and Bill Templin (ADFG)