The Larry Rutter Memorial Award 2021

The Pacific Salmon Commission is pleased to announce Ms. Susan Farlinger as the recipient of the 2021 Larry Rutter Memorial Award for Pacific Salmon Conservation.

Throughout her career, Sue has made significant contributions to the management and conservation of Pacific salmon. Since 1977, she has worked for Fisheries and Oceans Canada/DFO holding roles as a Research Biologist, Treaty Negotiator, Area Director for the South Coast, Regional Director of Oceans/Habitat/Salmonid Enhancement, Regional Director Fisheries Management, and Regional Director General (RDG) for the Pacific Region.

As RDG, Sue was responsible for the delivery of all DFO programs in the region and worked with the governments of BC, Yukon, and hundreds of First Nations as well as key industry stakeholders on countless files and issues.

Her unending work to know DFO’s constituents, issues, and partners has translated well to the international realm of the PSC where she’s served on Canada’s delegation since 2010. Most recently, Sue’s skills were brought back into the spotlight when she served as lead negotiator for Canada during the recent work to amend Annex IV.

Sue’s diplomacy and respect for her colleagues during that year and half of work fostered the important relationships between the two parties that Larry held so dear. But her efforts didn’t end with the negotiations. Since 2019, Sue has continued as Special Advisor to the current RDG on several fronts. She has taken on the complex task of communicating the new commitments and Treaty regime to DFO and Canadians more broadly. She has also lead the development of financial and human resources, including succession planning for Canada in and outside of the PSC family.

For these and many other reasons, Sue was chosen as the 2021 recipient for the Larry Rutter Memorial Award and received it at the Commission’s 36th Annual Meeting (February 8-12, 2021).

About the award

Larry Rutter was a fixture in Pacific salmon conservation and management for more than three decades until his untimely death in 2014. He was a leading influence in how the Tribes, the United States, and Canada approached salmon management and research during the turn of the 21st century. The Commission established the award to help memorialize Larry’s lifetime of work including his legacy in the PSC, the Pacific Northwest Tribes, the Southern Fund Committee, and beyond.