Fiona Martens and Catherine Michielsens selected to co-lead Chief Biologist role

Dear PSC Family,

I am pleased to announce that Catherine Michielsens and Fiona Martens were the successful joint candidates for the PSC Chief Biologist position. The bilateral selection committee was quite impressed with their knowledge, skills, and joint application. Together they have many years of experience at the Secretariat supervising and leading professional staff, as well as expertise in providing scientific and logistical support.

Their application was different in that they applied as co-leaders. While this differs from past models in the Secretariat, co-leadership is widely used in modern workplaces to leverage the strengths of two individuals to deliver one program. As co-leaders, they will modify their current roles but not entirely vacate them. Some duties will follow them to their new positions while other duties will be transferred to other staff, consistent with existing job classifications.

In the selection process, I perceived this new approach would work to accommodate the evolving needs of PSC staff, the Fraser River Panel, and technical committee members. As co-leaders, Catherine and Fiona will share the responsibilities of the position in a manner that accords with their individual strengths. Catherine will focus on providing scientific input, oversight, and direction while Fiona will provide operational oversight and ensure the successful implementation of strategic and workflow plans as well as oversee the regular communication of Fraser River Panel-related information and reports. To highlight the differences in their jobs, the title of Chief Biologist will be adjusted to Chief, Fisheries Management Programs for Fiona and to Chief, Fisheries Management Science for Catherine.

Catherine and Fiona are looking forward to this new role and aspire to provide a dynamic and modern work environment for the staff at PSC headquarters. I look forward to supporting them in this and welcome any questions regarding their co-leadership model. Please join me in welcoming Fiona and Catherine to their new and innovative jobs at the Secretariat!

John Field
Executive Secretary
Pacific Salmon Commission