Village Falls Passage Improvement

Village Falls is located in the upper Nakina River, downstream from both the Silver Salmon River confluence and the Nakina Carcass weir site. In the 1950’s these falls were blasted by the Alaska Department of Fish & Game (ADFG)  to facilitate Chinook salmon access to favourable spawning habitat in the Nakina canyon. Today it appears that the small, boulder covered side channels around Village Falls have jammed woody debris that is restricting fish passage. These fringe areas that salmon are attempting to pass thru are also where grizzly bears were observed fishing at the site.

To improve passage around Village Falls, a ground survey would be conducted during low water conditions in the spring of 2018. Channel morphology would be assessed, and mechanical advantage will be employed to clear large woody debris (LWD) from the perimeter channels, thereby assisting salmon in by-passing the high velocity falls. A portable gas powered pulling winch will be utilized for bigger pieces, which was purchased and used for the same purpose in the Silver Salmon River Canyon.

N18-H02 Village Falls Fish Passage Report