Skeena River Aggregate Coho Salmon Escapement Estimator

Northern coho stocks, including Skeena River coho, are harvested in commercial, recreational and Aboriginal fisheries in Canada and Alaska. Establishing robust stock assessment programs for coho is important for maintaining future coho fisheries.
By comparing the relative proportions of populations of known abundance with those that are not consistently enumerated, we can develop an escapement estimate for the aggregate stock. Furthermore, increasing the number of populations in the SNP baseline will increase genetic resolution for coho, and allow us to identify the populations of origin with higher precision for coho captured in mixed-stock fisheries in Canada and the U.S. When used in conjunction with an abundance estimate of a specific coho population within the Skeena River aggregate, an upgraded genetic baseline will improve estimates of exploitation rates in mixed-stock fisheries and therefore further support informed decisions by fisheries management.

N19-I44 Skeena River Aggregate Coho Salmon Estimator 2019 Report