Trafton Floodplain Restoration – Final Design and Permitting

The Stillaguamish Tribe acquired the 158 acre Trafton Floodplain parcel with grant funds for permanent conservation.  The expected outcomes of this project are to have a completed design for the eventual restoration of instream and floodplain habitat in a roughly two-mile reach of the North Fork Stillaguamish.
Restoration actions will include: bank armoring removal, channel re-connection, log jam installation and riparian planting. These efforts will benefit both juvenile and adult ESA listed species, Chinook, Steelhead and Bull Trout along with Coho, Chum, and Pink salmon. Juvenile salmonids will benefit by  increased rearing area in off channel areas and more complex instream habitats created by natural and constructed log jams. As bank armoring is removed, flood energy will be reduced, improving egg-to-migrant survival for salmonids. Increased log jam frequency will also increase holding habitat, cooler water and protection from poachers for adults waiting
to spawn.