Tahltan River Telemetry Study – Assessment of Salmon Passage Past Known Migration Barriers (Stikine River Watershed)

Tahltan River salmon stocks of Chinook and sockeye are the most significant contributors to the overall Stikine River salmon run supporting the international fishery, partnered enhancement programs and providing necessary stock assessment information to guide overall watershed salmon management to the Stikine fishery annually. The proposed project involves the tagging of Tahltan River salmon with esophageal implant radio tags and the monitoring of tagged fish movements using fixed telemetry stations positioned at key locations within the Tahltan River watershed. Tagged salmon will be used to assess passage past known challenges to upstream migration of Tahltan River salmon stocks. The project will assess if tagged fish are successfully passing challenges to salmon migration, at what flows they are able to navigate these challenges and the duration that fish are delayed when they encounter these features.