Tahltan River (Stikine River) Slide Remediation Investigation

This project proposes to develop a salmon passage remediation plan at the site of a large rock slide that occurred on the lower Tahltan River (Stikine River watershed) in May 2014. The rock slide partially in-filled the Tahltan River channel, constraining the River, and resulting in a seasonal barrier to adult sockeye and Chinook salmon attempting to migrate upstream to spawning grounds in the upper Tahltan River watershed.
The goal of the project is to re-establish adult salmon passage past the site of the slide for adult Chinook and sockeye salmon at flow levels and velocities typically experienced within the Tahltan River between May and August.
The objectives of the project include retaining qualified experts to survey the slide area, assess the slide materials, evaluate conditions of the river canyon and safety considerations as well as hydrological considerations and flow dynamics. This information will be used to identify options to improve (re-establish) salmon passage at a broader range of flows and to identify appropriate construction techniques. The development of remediation options will be carried out in consultation with DFO and local First Nations.