Tahltan Lake Sockeye Access Improvement

It is proposed that formal efforts be continued in order to improve sockeye salmon migration access both in and out of Tahltan Lake by ensuring passage thru numerous beaver dams.  Concurrently, it is proposed that a small crew clear and expand the trail below Tahltan Lake along Johnny Tashoots Creek. This trail was initially established specifically to make it feasible for Fisheries crews to get to the beaver dam sites, but the unmaintained trail has become slow and unsafe to traverse.
Over the years it has been observed that these beaver dams can restrict or block salmon passage, for both out-migrating sockeye smolts and in-migrating adults. To note, there are currently several other adult salmon passage challenges on the Tahltan River (i.e. the previous landslide and Decheeka Falls), which consume adult migration energy expenditures. However, those other sites are not presumed to affect smolt out-migration as has been the seen with the beaver dams.
An extensive amount of dedication is currently provided for the effective stock assessment and enhancement of Tahltan Lake sockeye. Therefore, the regular field staff at Tahltan Lake needs to constantly maintain operations, leaving inadequate time for dedicated access or trail improvement activities. In particular, to properly conduct this work, there is a necessity of carrying equipment and camping overnight at the various downstream sites.