Tahltan Lake Sockeye Access Improvement

It is proposed that formal efforts be pursued and maintained to facilitate and improve sockeye salmon migration access both in and out of Tahltan Lake. The project would involve a combination of assessing and removing the physical beaver dam structures along with efforts to control the local beaver population. There are numerous beaver dams located within the first 4 km below Tahltan Lake on Johnny Tashoots Creek. Over the years it has been observed that these dams can restrict or block fish passage, for both out-migrating sockeye smolts and in-migrating adults. The existing field staff at Tahltan Lake needs to constantly maintain weir operations, leaving inadequate time for dedicated access improvement activities.
An extensive amount of dedication is currently provided for the effective stock assessment and enhancement of Tahltan Lake sockeye. This project focuses on ensuring migrational access so that these efforts are not undermined and productivity is not affected.