Tahltan Lake Egg-take

Sockeye enhancement on the Stikine River is a key component of the recently re-negotiated Canada/U.S. agreement on the Transboundary rivers. The egg-take at Tahltan Lake and subsequent incubation of the eggs at the Snettisham hatchery has been vital in the production of enhanced sockeye salmon, achieving the target of 100,000 enhanced adults per year thereby significantly increasing the Stikine River fishery value to Canada and the US.

N14-E02 Tahltan Sockeye Egg-take 2014. Year 4

N13-E03 Tahltan Lake Egg Take 2013. Year 3

N12-E03 Tahltan Lake Egg Take 2012. Year 2

N11-I18 Tahltan Lake Egg-take 2011