Stikine Fishery Sampling & Stock Assessment

Data acquired through sampling of the Lower Stikine River Canadian commercial and assessment fisheries are central elements of the Stikine River fishery management and stock assessment programs. Sampling involves the inspection for and recovery of coded-wire tag (CWT) information which is used in the estimation of smolt production of Chinook and coho salmon, the inspection for and recovery of spaghetti tags from Chinook to support abundance metrics, the collection of otoliths from sockeye to estimate contributions of enhanced sockeye salmon, the collection of egg diameter data to determine the contribution of Tahltan Lake sockeye salmon, and the collection of age, sex, and length samples from Chinook, sockeye and coho salmon caught in the fisheries. These baseline stock assessment data are used for stock recruitment analyses, preseason forecasting programs for Chinook and sockeye salmon, and monitoring stock health.