Sockeye Salmon SNP Panel Genetic Baseline for the Fraser River

The accurate identification of population of origin of mixed-stock samples, and clear delimitations of stock structure, e.g., to the Conservation Unit level, are key components of fisheries management, including for Fraser River sockeye. Currently, genetic stock identification for sockeye salmon is conducted both in-season and post-season using a microsatellite panel. The Molecular Genetics Lab (MGL) at PBS is transitioning all salmonid genetic baselines from traditional microsatellite panels to medium density amplicon panels (i.e., ~500 SNP markers), although legacy microsatellite panels will also remain in operation for most species. The 500-marker SNP panels in operation at MGL have thus far yielded superior resolution to the microsatellite panels for stock identification work. Chinook, coho, and chum salmon all have SNP panels within MGL, and plans are in place to develop such panels for both sockeye and pink salmon as well.