Slamgeesh Program Operation Support

The Skeena Fisheries Commission Technical Committee considers this to be one of the primary projects in the Skeena Watershed. It has also been assigned high priority by the Northern Boundary Technical Committee. The continuation of fisheries research activities at Slamgeesh is a recommendation of the Upper Skeena Watershed Planning Group of the Gitxsan First Nation. Neither fry hydroacoustics on Slamgeesh Lake (due to high daphnia and shallow depth) nor stream counts for escapement (due to variable timing and bear predation) are plausible stock assessment tools for this Conservation Unit (CU). Therefore, complete coverage of the entire juvenile outmigration of both coho and sockeye salmon is of the upmost importance in accurately estimating recruitment. Furthermore, enumeration of all returning adult coho and sockeye salmon will increase our understanding of run timing, ocean survival, coded-wire tag retention, and a complete total escapement census above the counting fence. This information is advantageous when managing the Skeena River mixed stock fishery.
We propose to lengthen the sampling season of both the juveniles in the spring and the adults in the fall to meet this need.