Nass Sockeye Radio Tagging Project

We propose to radio tag a minimum of 500 large adult (≥ 45 cm) Sockeye Salmon from two fishwheels operated at Gitwinksihlkw between 1 June and mid-September in proportion to abundance passing the fishwheels, with a goal of obtaining a non-Meziadin sample size of 100–200 fish. Any radio tags recovered at the Meziadin Fishway, Gingit Creek spawner surveys, and in harvest fisheries will be reapplied at the fishwheels to increase the sample size of non-Meziadin fish tagged. We estimate that between 700 and 900 radio-tagged Sockeye Salmon would be released in this study, including reapplied tags (~350 are estimated for reapplication). Radio-tagged Sockeye Salmon will also be tagged with secondary marks (spaghetti tag and adipose fin hole punch) to determine any radio tag losses, and scale samples will be collected for genetic stock identification and aging purposes.