Nass Sockeye Fishwheel DNA Analyses Project

We propose to analyze DNA (scales) data collected from Sockeye Salmon at the Nass fishwheels to:

1) compare genetic stock composition results with aggregate mark-recapture population estimates;

2) assess differences between aggregate and observed run size estimates for Meziadin and non-Meziadin spawners;

3) evaluate the returns of the Kwinageese stock that is recovering from a spawning migration barrier detected and remediated in 2011 and subsequently had poor returns;

4) develop a data set for substock harvest rate analyses for Nass Sockeye; and

5) support a radio telemetry study.

The information generated from this study will benefit Pacific Salmon and Nisga’a Treaties in guiding future fisheries that harvest Nass Sockeye Salmon, making escapement goals each year, maximize protection of Nass Sockeye stocks, and optimize production of returns for the future.