Nanoose Area Coho and Chum Salmon Escapement Surveys

We propose to conduct salmon counting surveys on four streams in the traditional area of Snaw-Naw-As (Nanoose) First Nation, including Nanoose Creek (Area 17-20), Knarston Creek (Area 17-19), Bloods Creek (Area 17-18), and Craig Creek (Area 14-1), to estimate escapement of Coho and Chum salmon returning in 2019. Final escapement estimates will be generated through the use of two methods: (1) AUC variation modelling to calculate confidence bounded estimates of escapement modelled for observer efficiency and streamresidence time, and (2) an expanded peak count method.
A minimum of 16 ground surveys are proposed and been budgeted to conduct escapement counts in the four streams during peak Coho and Chum salmon migration with a minimum of four trips planned to each system. These four streams have not been assessed for 14 years. The project budget also includes analyses and reporting of survey and habitat data (including mapping support) as well as appropriate survey gear for crew. Herein we propose to conduct multiple surveys in several local creeks in DFO Statistical Areas 14 and 17 to generate an AUC escapement estimate for Coho salmon in the 2019 return year. If funded, this would be the first time these streams have been assessed since early 2000’s.