Kuthai Lake Sockeye Review & Access Improvement Assessment

This project began with an investigation into why Kuthai Lake sockeye escapement has dramatically declined and remains low. The focus will be upon evaluating migration access for the Kuthai stock, along with estimating relative abundance and stock proportions for Kuthai and co-migrating early run main-stem sockeye.

In the later stages, this project will involve two field surveys which will inform the development of design and cost estimates for improving sockeye migration access to Kuthai Lake. The results of which strongly indicate that access to the lake is particularly restricted in the lower reach of the Silver Salmon River.

The primary objective of this project is to focus on increasing the abundance of fish stocks by opening freshwater habitat to salmon spawning and rearing. In specific instances, it will be possible and appropriate to rehabilitate previously productive habitat that has been degraded as a result of human or natural activity.

N19-H01 Silver Salmon River (Kuthai Lk) Sockeye Access Improvement Project 2019 Report

N18-H01 Kuthai Lake access improvement Report

N17-H02 Kuthai Lake access improvement project

N16-H05 Kuthai Lake Access Improvement Assessment Report 2016

N15-I53 Kuthai Lake Sockeye Review