King Salmon Creek passage improvement

The recently confirmed migration passage restriction on King Salmon Creek consists of a substantial log jam anchored behind by large boulders, with an approximately 2m jump height at the downstream end. The 2018 escapement into King Salmon Lake was 3,180 therefore this is obviously not a complete barrier but rather a passage restriction that potentially could get worse.
It is proposed that in 2019 a summer ground survey be conducted with opportunistic initial mitigation and monitoring. Channel morphology, large woody debris (LWD) and boulder components would be assessed in terms of options for improving access. If feasible, some strategic mitigation works will be conducted to at least temporarily improve passage using mechanical advantage (i.e. portable winch) to clear LWD or boulders.
Based on the summer ground survey assessment and monitoring results, a conceptual plan to provide full passage may be developed for conducting more substantial mitigation works in the subsequent year if needed. The general approach for this project will be similar to that completed by TRT Fisheries at the Village Falls site on the Nakina River in 2018. In addition, an opportunistic survey flight of the canyon on King Salmon Creek (upstream from the log jam site) may be conducted.