Commercial Net Catch Recording System, Canadian Areas 3 to 6

This project will develop an industry based sales slip data entry system for Canadian statistical Area 3 to 6 salmon net fisheries. In 2013, Canada replaced their sales slip catch reporting system with a recording system based on vessel phone in and log book reporting. While there is a program of dockside monitoring to evaluate a subsample of actual landings compared to phone in / logbook data, there was no transition period where both programs were operated.
The new logbook system is fishermen-funded and imposes a significant cost. The intention in proposing this new system of industry sales slip entry is to replace the new phone in / logbook program after a period of successful parallel operation. The sales slip entry program would become industry-funded once it replaces the logbook program.
DFO fisheries management, stock assessment and enforcement staff have worked with industry to redesign the sales slip structure to better record data by subarea, and to monitor discard data. The inseason data entry would provide more timely inseason information for management, assessment and enforcement.
The sockeye catch information in the northern boundary area is a core information requirement for bilateral catch reconstruction and treaty annex accounting. This program would maintain or improve the quality of the gear- and subarea-specific core catch information.