Bar code Scanner and Tablet Automation of CWT Data Management – App Development

Recoveries of coded wire tags (CWT) from Chinook in-hatchery is a data intensive process. Multiple biological samples are often collected from the same fish for various analyses, including: length, scales (for age composition), tissue samples (for DNA analysis), and head samples for CWT extraction and reading. Every Chinook head sent to the JO Thomas head dissection lab in Vancouver, BC is associated with a unique seven digit numerical label and associated bar code. As hatcheries can submit over 2,000 heads each year, all having unique bar codes, the manual data entry is extensive, time consuming and prone to human error. With data capture using bar code scanners, the process of data submission for these additional CWT indicator stocks is accelerated. In effect more time can be spent on quality assurance, providing better data to meet deadlines.
This project proposes to improve and speed up in-hatchery data management through the development and implementation of a customized data entry software application (app) for tablets and bar code scanners. The app will enable hatchery staff to automate escapement data capture and processing for the CWT program.