Southern Fund Announcement for projects beginning in 2020

The Southern Fund Committee (SFC) anticipates that up to approximately U.S. $3 million may be available for project funding in 2020. The Committee wishes to draw attention to the fact that this 2020 Call for Proposals is a general Call consistent with the Strategic Goals and Objectives of the Southern Fund as identified in the 2008 Southern Boundary Restoration and Enhancement Fund Strategic Plan. In addition, the Committee will give special consideration to those proposals that are not only consistent with the vision and mission statements of the Fund as articulated in the Plan but that are also directly responsive to the specific priorities of the PSC’s Fraser River and Southern Panels listed below.

The deadline for submissions is midnight on Monday, September 2nd, 2019..

  1. Fraser River Panel Priorities
    • Additional Fraser Sockeye salmon juvenile assessments.
    • Examination of mechanisms affecting survival of Fraser River Sockeye salmon.
    • Improvement of species composition estimates in the Fraser River during sockeye salmon migration.
    • Further work to follow-up on the Test Fishery Workshop Report’s five recommendations.
    • Exploration of alternative methods for making pre-season forecasts of northern diversion rate for Fraser River sockeye and pink salmon.
    • Work to restore salmon habitat that would be of benefit to Fraser River sockeye populations (and possibly also other salmon species).
  2. Southern Panel Priorities
    • Coho data inputs.
    • Coho FRAM Model Improvements
    • Coho biological studies – implications of environmental change.
    • Chum run reconstruction model and biological database.
    • Southern BC and Washington State Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) baseline implementation.
    • Genetic stock identification sampling of Chum in fisheries of undetermined stock composition.
    • Establish a Chum salmon assessment program in the Strait of Juan de Fuca.
    • Improve Chum salmon escapement assessments.
  3. Other

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Questions should be directed to the Fund Manager, Angus Mackay or the Fund Assistant, Victor Keong via phone at (604) 684-8081, or email: or , or fax: (604) 666-8707.

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