Northern Fund Announcement for projects beginning in 2024

The Northern Fund Committee hereby issues its 2024 Call for Proposals for projects which are consistent with, and necessary for, the implementation of the Pacific Salmon Treaty. Private, non-profit, and public sector applicants are encouraged to submit project concepts by 11:59pm PDT on Wednesday, September 6, 2023. The Committee is seeking potential projects for the Northern Boundary and Transboundary areas that are consistent with the Fund’s goals that involve:

  1. Development of improved information for resource management, including better stock assessment, data acquisition and improved scientific understanding of limiting factors affecting salmon production in the freshwater and marine environments;
  2. Rehabilitation and restoration of marine and freshwater fish habitat, and improvement of habitat to enhance productivity and protection of Pacific salmon; and
  3. Enhancement of wild stock production through low technology techniques rather than through large facilities with high operating costs.

Please download the Northern Fund Call for Project Concepts for the full details of how to apply. Proponents are advised that the accompanying application form has been updated for the 2024 funding cycle, applicants are reminded to always download and complete the latest version.


(Concepts must be submitted using this form)

TCTR (19)-4

Transboundary Panel Strategic Salmon Plan

TCNB (21)-01


Questions should be directed to the Fund Manager, Sascha Bendt or the Fund Assistant, Victor Keong via phone at (604) 684-8081, or email: or

Pacific Salmon Commission
600-1155 Robson St,
Vancouver, BC
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