Transboundary Panel


The Transboundary Panel was created in 1999 and has responsibility for salmon originating in the Alsek, Stikine, and Taku river systems all of which rise in Canada and flow to the sea in SW Alaska. It’s tasks include implementing abundance based management regimes for chinook, sockeye and coho salmon; improving coordinated management; continuing joint enhancement initiatives; and, the review of access to enhanced stocks and harvest sharing arrangements. The Panel is supported by the Transboundary Technical Committee and that Committee’s Enhancement Subcommittee.

Mr. Steve Gotch (Vice-Chair)
Mr. Kerry Carlick
Mr. Richard Erhardt
Ms. Cheri Frocklage
Mr. Kevin Gould
Ms. Melina Hougen
Mr. Chris Kendel
Mr. Jason Williams
Ms. Linaya Workman
Mr. Dennis Zimmermann

Mr. Troy Thynes (Chair)
Mr. Brennon Eagle
Mr. Larry Edfelt
Mr. Jacob Miller
Mr. Patrick Robbins
Mr. Scott Vulstek
Mr. Cole Wilburn