Northern Panel


Created in 1985 as one of the original three Panels, the Northern Panel deals with issues concerning stocks which originate in waters off Alaska and Northern BC including assessing compliance in Northern Boundary Area fisheries and reviewing harvest calculations. Specifically, the Panel has responsibility for salmon originating in rivers with mouths entering the Pacific Ocean between Cape Suckling in Alaska and Cape Caution in British Columbia. The Panel is supported by the Northern Boundary Technical Committee and the Chinook Technical Committee.

Ms. Sandra Davies (Chair)
Mr. Chris Cue
Mr. Tom Protheroe
Ms. Joy Thorkelson
Mr. Mike Wells
Mr. Glen Williams


Mr. Stuart Barness
Mr. Ronald (George) Cuthbert
Mr. Jeff Grout
Mr. Rick Haugan
Mr. Greg Knox
Chief Harry Nyce Sr.

Mr. Lowell Fair (Vice-Chair)
Mr. Clay Bezenek
Ms. Deborah Lyons
Mr. Robert D. Mecum
Mr. Tom Ohaus
Mr. Robert M. Thorstenson


Mr. John Carle
Mr. Mitchell Eide
Mr. Tom Fisher
Dr. Peter Hagen
Mr. Andrew Piston
Mr. Cole Wilburn