Fraser River Panel

fraser river panel area

The Fraser River Panel was created in 1985 and uniquely has special responsibility for in-season regulation of Fraser River-origin sockeye and pink salmon fisheries within the area designated as the Fraser River Panel Area in southern British Columbia and northern Puget Sound. The Panel assumed Fraser sockeye and pink management responsibilities from the PSC’s predecessor organization, the International Pacific Salmon Fisheries Commission. While many issues are of concern to the Fraser River Panel, the early upstream migration of late-run sockeye and the resulting high mortality rate are significant. In addition, the Panel remains concerned about the en route losses experienced by Fraser River sockeye due to high water levels and high temperatures in recent years.

The Fraser River Panel is supported by the Fraser River Technical Committee and PSC Secretariat scientific staff who provide technical information and advice concerning Fraser River sockeye and pink salmon harvest and are actively involved in the day-to-day regulation of sockeye and pink fisheries throughout the Fraser River Panel area of jurisdiction.


    See the current membership of the Fraser River Panel at the link below.