Transboundary Technical Committee

The Joint Transboundary Technical Committee reports to the Transboundary Panel.

The Committee is responsible for:

  • Assembling and refining available information on migratory patterns and on the extent of exploitation and spawning escapement requirements of the stocks; and
  • Examining past and current management regimes and recommending how they may be better suited to achieving escapement goals.

The Committee also maintains an Enhancement Subcommittee that identifies existing and/or future enhancement projects that assist in devising harvest management strategies to increase benefits to fishermen and that have an impact on natural transboundary river salmon production.

Mr. Bill Waugh (Co-Chair)
Mr. Ian Boyce
Mr. Aaron Foos
Mr. Mark Connor
Ms. Jody Mackenzie-Grieve
Mr. Johnny Sembsmoen
Mr. Sean Stark
Dr. Paul Vecsei

Mr. Edgar Jones (Co-Chair)
Ms. Julie Bednarski
Mr. Scott Forbes
Ms. Sara Gilk-Baumer
Mr. David Harris
Mr. Rick Hoffman
Mr. Philip Richards
Mr. Paul Salomone
Mr. Jeffrey Williams

Mr. Corino Salomi (Co-Chair)
Mr. Adam Brennan
Mr. Jason Calvert
Mr. Sean Collins
Mr. Marc Connor
Ms. Cheri Frocklage
Mr. Alex Parker

Mr. Garold Pryor (Co-Chair)
Mr. Eric Prestegard
Ms. Lorraine Vercessi
Mr. Scott Vulstek


Joint Transboundary Technical Committee Reports