Transboundary Technical Committee

The Joint Transboundary Technical Committee reports to the Transboundary Panel.

The Committee is responsible for:

  • Assembling and refining available information on migratory patterns and on the extent of exploitation and spawning escapement requirements of the stocks; and
  • Examining past and current management regimes and recommending how they may be better suited to achieving escapement goals.

The Committee also maintains an Enhancement Subcommittee that identifies existing and/or future enhancement projects that assist in devising harvest management strategies to increase benefits to fishermen and that have an impact on natural transboundary river salmon production.

Canadian U.S.

Mr. Bill Waugh (Co-Chair)
Mr. Kerry Carlick
Mr. Mark Connor
Mr. Michael Folkes
Mr. Aaron Foos
Ms. Jody Mackenzie-Grieve
Mr. Johnny Sembsmoen
Mr. Sean Stark
Ms. Kimberly Tuor

Mr. Edgar Jones (Co-Chair)
Ms. Julie Bednarski
Mr. Scott Forbes
Mr. Patrick Fowler
Mr. Rick Hoffman
Mr. Philip Richards
Mr. Paul Salomone
Mr. Kyle Shedd
Ms. Katie Taylor
Mr. Jeffrey Williams

Enhancement Subcommittee
Canadian U.S.

Mr. Corino Salomi (Co-Chair)
Mr. Adam Brennan
Mr. Sean Collins
Mr. Mark Connor
Ms. Cheri Frocklage

Mr. Garold Pryor (Co-Chair)
Ms. Katie Harms
Mr. Eric Prestegard
Mr. Josh Russell

Joint Transboundary Technical Committee Reports