Selective Fishery Evaluation Technical Committee

The coast wide coded wire tag (CWT) system is the only means currently available to obtain data necessary to estimate and monitor coast wide exploitation rates on individual stocks of Coho and Chinook salmon, as required for implementation of fishing regimes established by the Pacific Salmon Commission (PSC). The PSC established the Selective Fishery Evaluation Committee (SFEC) to assess impacts of mass marking (MM) and mark-selective fishing (MSF) on the viability of the CWT system.

The Selective Fishery Evaluation Committee serves as a coast wide clearinghouse to facilitate coordination and reporting on MM and MSF programs among the Parties, affected agencies, and existing coast wide and regional committees established to monitor activities related to the coast wide CWT program.

The SFEC reviews procedures and protocols for marking, sampling, and evaluation developed by the proponent(s) and, if appropriate, develop and recommend alternative procedures in consultation with relevant PSC technical committees. In addition, the SFEC has a role in developing and evaluating methods for analyses of CWT data in the presence of MM and MSFs, establishing database requirements, and developing tools for agencies to use in developing proposals and analyzing data.

Canadian U.S.

Dr. Rob Houtman (Co-Chair)
Dr. Norah Brown
Mr. Angus Straight
Ms. Erika Watkins

Mr. Ryan Lothrop (Co-Chair)
Ms. Jill Cady
Mr. Trevor R. Clark
Ms. Carrie Cook-Tabor
Ms. Lara Erikson
Ms. Danielle Evenson
Mr. Tyler Garber
Dr. Jake Kvistad
Ms. Marianne McClure
Dr. Gary S. Morishima
Mr. George Nandor
Mr. Ron Olson
Ms. Michelle A. Varney
Ms. Lorraine Vercessi

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Selective Fishery Evaluation Technical Committee Reports

Since 2002, agencies that intend to engage in MM or MSFs are requested to provide specific information on an annual schedule that will permit the SFEC to provide timely advice to the Pacific Salmon Commission. Templates for MM and MSF proposals were first developed in 2002 and, each year, agencies are requested to provide their information to the PSC in this format. SFEC has requested that agencies submit proposals for all MSFs where CWT indicator stocks are expected to be impacted. Agency proposals for mass marking plans have been requested for all hatchery Chinook and Coho stocks expected to be intercepted in PSC fisheries. Proposals for continuing programs are requested to be submitted to the PSC no later than November 1 of the year prior to implementation.


SFEC MOU and TOR Feb 2004

Pacific Salmon Treaty's Memorandum of Understanding and Terms of Reference
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MSF Proposal Template (Word)

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MSF Proposal Template (Excel)

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MSF Post Season Report Template

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