Northern Boundary Technical Committee

The Joint Northern Boundary Technical Committee reports to the Northern Panel.

The Committee is responsible for:

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of management actions;
  • Identifying and reviewing the status of pink, chum, sockeye and coho stocks of concern to the Northern Panel;
  • Presenting the most current information on harvest rates and patterns on these stocks, and developing a joint data base for assessments;
  • Collating available information on the productivity of stocks in order to identify escapements which produce maximum sustainable harvests and allowable harvest rates;
  • Presenting historical catch data associated fishing regimes, and information on stock composition in fisheries harvesting these stocks;
  • Devising analytical methods for the development of alternative regulatory and production strategies;
  • Identify information and research needs, including future monitoring programs for stock assessments; and
  • Providing the Northern Panel with stock and fishery assessments and recommending conservation measures consistent with the principles of the Treaty each season.

Mr. Steve Cox-Rogers (Co-Chair)
Ms. Charmaine Carr-Harris
Mr. Mark Cleveland
Mr. Jeffrey Radford

Mr. Bo Meredith (Co-Chair)
Ms. Malika Brunette
Mr. Bob Chadwick
Mr. Chuck Guthrie
Mr. Grant Hagerman
Ms. Michele Masuda
Ms. Sara Miller
Ms. Anne Reynolds
Mr. Kyle Shedd
Mr. Scott Walker


Joint Northern Boundary Technical Committee Reports