Technical Committee on Data Sharing

The Joint Technical Committee on Data Sharing  reports to the Pacific Salmon Commission.

The Committee is responsible for:

  • Facilitating data exchange between the two Parties; and
  • Developing standard methods of reporting and analyzing coded-wire-tag data.

The Committee maintains a working group on data standards that:

  • Maintains the specifications and documentation for approved contents, codes, and formats used in the exchanged mark-recovery data sets;
  • Makes modifications to the contents, standards, and procedures pertaining to the mark recovery data sets as directed by the Data Sharing Committee and coordinates the implementation of these changes; and
  • Ensures the uniformity and consistency of codes and formats of additional exchanged data sets that may develop.
Canadian U.S.

Mr. Nicholas Komick (Co-Chair)
Ms. Kathryn Fraser
Mr. Michael O’Brien
Mr. Brock Ramshaw

Dr. Nancy Leonard (Co-Chair)
Mr. P. Brodie Cox
Mr. Tim Frawley
Mr. Mike Matylewich
Dr. Gary S. Morishima
Mrs. Amy L. Seiders

Data Standards Work Group
Canadian U.S.

Ms. Kathryn Fraser (Co-Chair)
Mr. Nicholas Komick
Ms. Brenda Ridgway
Mr. Michael O’Brien

Mr. James R. (Jim) Longwill (Co-Chair)
Mr. Gabriel T. Garza
Mr. Gilbert Lensegrav
Mr. Timothy Frawley
Mr. Ken Phillipson

Joint Technical Committee on Data Sharing Reports