Coho Technical Committee

The Joint Coho Technical Committee reports to the Southern Panel.

The Committee is responsible for:

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of management actions;
  • Identifying and reviewing the status of Coho stocks;
  • Presenting the most current information on harvest rates and patterns on these stocks, and developing a joint database for assessments;
  • Collating available information on the productivity of Coho stocks in order to identify escapements and associated exploitation rates which produce Maximum Sustainable Harvest;
  • Presenting historical catch data, associated fishing regimes, and information on stock composition in fisheries harvesting these stocks;
  • Devising analytical methods for the development of alternative regulatory and production strategies to meet objectives set forth by the Commission; and
  • Identifying information and research needs, including future monitoring programs for stock assessments.

The Committee also carries out a number of other activities to assist the Southern Panel including; overseeing the exchange of pre-season expectations and post-season estimates of Management Unit-specific mortalities in the fisheries of each Party; overseeing the exchange of information regarding the conduct of mark-selective fisheries, including estimates of interceptions of mass-marked hatchery Coho, as may be requested by the Southern Panel; and developing regional Coho pre-season and post season evaluation tools and protocols to provide a consistent means of evaluating the cumulative impact of U.S. and Canadian fisheries on Management Units and stocks of conservation concern.

Canadian U.S.

Dr. John Holmes (Co-Chair)
Mr. Michael Arbeider
Mr. Roger Dunlop
Ms. Lynda Ritchie
Mr. Michael O’Brien
Mr. Kevin Pellett
Ms. Ashlee Prevost
Mr. Joel Sawada

Dr. Gary S. Morishima (Co-Chair)
Dr. Daniel Auerbach
Ms. Marlene Bellman
Ms. Carrie Cook-Tabor
Ms. Angelika Hagen-Breaux
Dr. Diego Holmgren
Dr. Marisa Litz
Ms. Christine Mallette
Dr. Laurie Weitkamp

Northern Coho Technical Committee

Mr. Grant Hagerman
Ms. Michele Masuda
Mr. Justin Priest

Coho Technical Committee Reports