Chum Technical Committee

The Joint Chum Technical Committee reports to the Southern Panel.

The Committee is responsible for:

  • Maintaining and presenting historical catch and escapement information for stocks relevant to the Pacific Salmon Treaty;
  • Utilizing available information to estimate and document stock composition and exploitation rates in Chum fisheries of concern to the Treaty;
  • Annually reviewing the Parties’ assessment of stock status and fisheries activities for Chum fisheries of concern to the Treaty; and
  • Identifying high priority research and information needs for the Parties, including fishery and escapement monitoring and assessment, stock identification, and enhancement.

The Chum Technical Committee also periodically and/or upon request exchanges information on the productivity and escapement requirements of Chum stocks relevant to the Treaty, identifies and documents stocks of concern relating to conservation, and evaluates the effectiveness and performance of management strategies and the effectiveness of alternative regulatory and production strategies recommended by the Parties.

Canadian U.S.

Ms. Brittany Jenewein (Co-Chair)
Ms. Kim Charlie
Ms. Claire Rycroft
Mr. Joe Tadey
Mr. Pieter Van Will

Mr. Bill Patton (Co-Chair)
Mr. Scott Bass
Dr. Mike Ford
Dr. Todd Seamons
Mr. Ben Starkhouse

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Chum Technical Committee Reports