There are three classes of committee within the PSC organizational structure. The first two classes of committee report either to the Pacific Salmon Commission or a Panel, and they include the nine Technical Committees and the two Standing Committees. In addition to these, but quite different from them, are the two Restoration and Enhancement Fund Committees (Northern and Southern) who operate at arm’s length from the PSC and whose decisions are not subject to review by the Commission.

Technical Committees

The 9 technical committees provide the Panels with the timely scientific data and information needed in order to make effective decisions. These committees rely upon information provided by Canadian and United States fishery management agencies.

Standing Committees

The Commission also has two standing committees to address special interests within the Commission.

Endowment Fund Committees

There are two committees responsible for the Endowment Funds: the Northern Fund Committee and the Southern Fund Committee. Each Party is responsible for appointing three representatives to serve on each committee.

Ad-Hoc Committees

The Commission forms ad hoc committees from time to time to address specific issues or objectives. These committees are dissolved once issues are resolved, or goals are met.