Pacific Salmon Habitat Conservation


The Ecosystem Management Branch (EMB) of Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) is responsible for administering fish and fish habitat protection provisions of Canada’s Fisheries Act.  The EMB also delivers short-term and permanent programs that support sustainable and productive fish populations and habitats. Key EMB program activities include:

  • habitat-related project reviews and decision-making processes under the Fisheries Act (including offsetting and habitat banking agreements for authorized harms to fish or habitat);
  • direct and partner-delivered fish habitat restoration projects;
  • salmonid enhancement programs; and,
  • community and public education programs.

A number of current and past EMB programs related to fish and fish habitat protection and restoration are further described in the links below:

Current Programs:

Fisheries and Oceans Canada: Fisheries Protection Program

Fisheries and Oceans Canada: Fisheries Protection Policy Statement

Fisheries and Oceans Canada: Coastal Restoration Fund

Fisheries and Oceans Canada: Recreational Fisheries Conservation Partnerships Program

Fisheries and Oceans Canada: Salmonid Enhancement Program

Aboriginal Economic Development Strategic Partnerships Initiative: West Coast Energy - Fish Habitat Restoration Initiative

BC Hydro Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program

Environment and Climate Change Canada: Habitat Stewardship Program for Species at Risk

Pacific Salmon Foundation: Community Salmon Program

Port of Vancouver: Habitat Enhancement

Past Programs:

Pacific Salmon Foundation: Fraser Salmon Watersheds Program


The United States has a number of initiatives to protect and restore salmon habitat at the state, tribal, and federal levels of government.  Click on the links below to learn more about these efforts in areas affected by the Pacific Salmon Treaty.

Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund

State of Salmon in Watersheds, 2016

Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board

Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission: State of Our Watersheds