Test Fishing Results

2017 Area 29 Lower Fraser River Sockeye
Gillnet Applications for Test Fishing

The Commission’s Secretariat staff manage a number of test fishing programs in Fraser River Panel waters and coordinate with Fisheries and Oceans Canada on other test fisheries in the marine approaches off northern Vancouver Island. Test fisheries staff provide regular updates to the Fraser River Panel for use in establishing and fulfilling the Panel’s management goals. These results can be accessed using the links below:

Daily Test Fishing Reports

The Most Recent Daily Test Fishing Report contains yesterday’s catch results from all test fisheries that were active.

Daily reports from earlier in the season can be accessed by selecting a date from the Daily Test Fishing Calendar.

Daily Test Fishing Calendar

A spreadsheet with daily catches from the year-to-date can be downloaded.


Year-to-Date Results by Fishery

Test fishing results from each test fishing location for the year-to-date can be accessed below:

Maps of Test Fisheries

Locations of the test fisheries operated by the PSC Secretariat as well as those coordinated by Fisheries and Oceans Canada are shown in the maps below:

PSC Test Fishing Locations
PSC Test Fishing Locations
Fraser River Test Fishing Locations
Fraser River Test Fishing Locations
Gulf Troll Test Fishing Quadrants
Gulf Troll Test Fishing Quadrants

Historic Test Fishing Results

An historic archive of Daily Test Fishing Reports in calendar form is available for every year dating back to 2000.

Archived Daily Test Fishing Calendar

An historic archive of Year-to-date results by fishery and a spreadsheet with daily catches is available for every year dating back to the year 2000.