Coded Wire Tagging of Canadian Hatchery-Origin Chinook Salmon Fry

Groups of Upper Yukon River Chinook salmon have been tagged annually in Yukon since 1985, when hatchery fry were first released from the new Whitehorse Rapids Hatchery. Over 80% of all Whitehorse Rapids Hatchery fish have been tagged by Fisheries and Oceans Canada or by the Yukon Fish and Game Association. The long term goal of the project is to ensure on-going tagging of all hatchery contributions for management, assessment and monitoring purposes as per the current Pacific salmon CWT program outlined above. The short term goal (3 years) is to implement a coordinated tagging program to support anticipated stock recovery efforts as identified through focused Yukon River Panel restoration priorities between 2016 and 2019. Overall, the objective is to ensure that all Chinook salmon reared in a hatchery facility are marked via CWT (and adipose clip) in order to differentiate them from wild-reared fish.