Northern Fund Announcement for projects beginning in 2017

The Northern Fund Committee will be accepting preliminary applications with ideas and concepts submitted by private, non-profit, and public sector applicants eligible to conduct business in the State of Alaska, the Province of British Columbia and/or the Yukon Territory until midnight on Thursday, September 1st, 2016. The Committee is seeking potential projects for the Northern Boundary and Transboundary areas that are consistent with the Funds goals that involve:

  1. Improved information including data collection and stock assessment for salmon harvests, escapement, forecasting returns, and determining stock composition; or
  2. Rehabilitation and restoration of freshwater and/or marine salmon habitats and/or improvement of existing natural salmon habitats or providing new salmon habitats: or
  3. Salmon enhancement through low technology techniques rather than through construction of large facilities with high operating costs.
  4. Very high priority chinook projects.

Northern Fund Forms:

(Concepts must be submitted using this form)


Questions should be directed to the Fund Manager, Angus Mackay or the Fund Assistant, Victor Keong via phone at (604) 684-8081, or email: or , or fax: (604) 666-8707.

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